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Dr. Tim Berios

A woman is a leader that sets the precedent in any given situation!

 However, for many woman making an appointment with an obstetrician/ gynaecologist ( commonly referred to as OB/GYN ) can be very intimidating and some may avoid visiting one altogether.

The truth is visiting an OB/GYN is a must and is important for ALL women.

Think about it….. There are a lot of things that you do once a year like, celebrating your birthday, renewing magazine subscriptions, making New Year Resolutions, so why not include your yearly check up with your gynae in your diary as well….

 A complete yearly check -up ( including an ultrasound) with your gynae could rule out the possibility of for example ovarian cancer, cysts and other gynaecological problems and could probably even save your life.

 It is understandable if you’re nervous about your first visit so here are a few points to remember.

 1) Keep in mind that part of the time will be spent just talking.

2) Your doctor may ask questions about you and your family to learn if you have a history of illnesses.

 3)And you can ask the doctor any questions you might have.

 4) Relax…..your doctor probably has already heard every question imaginable!

 You can talk about any concerns you have, including for eg.

 If you haven’t already had the HPV vaccine, ask your doctor about it. It helps guard against the human papillomavirus, which can cause genital warts and is the major cause of cervical cancer.

5) During the exam, if the doctor is a male, you can request a nurse aid to be present in the room

6) You can ask to have your mom, sister, or a friend stay in the room with you during the visit if that would help.

7) You can ask questions about what’s going to happen so you know what to expect.

8) You can ask the doctor about keeping things you discuss private.


Taking care of your health is of the utmost importance so don’t you think it’s time for you to make that call to schedule an appointment?